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Glenn Godden Glass / Steampunk Glass

City: Witham
Region: East of England

Inspired by galaxies & nebulas the glass of Glenn Godden is always colourful. Handmade directly in the flame every pendant is totally 3D inside, with a lens on the front to magnify the effects inside, using scientific grade ‘Pyrex’ glass to ensure the best clarity

Along with striking jewellery he produces a range of dip pens with both glass & metal nibs. Putting pure silver & gold directly in the flame he creates unique patterns of metallic lusters & colours directly on the surface in a process called ‘fuming’

From Australian feature films, to pens for Nobel prize winners, his work is often in demand in the most surprising places. With over 14 years experience of making glass he creates a wide range of giftware, from delicate flower pendants, to punk inspired horror shot glasses