Jane Sleator Ceramics

City: Codicote Hitchin
Region: South East

Handmade, functional and decorative ceramics.

Majestic trees with fascinating imperfections: Intricate designs; burrs growing to huge proportions; distortions in the lines of the bark; ancient wood gnarled over time standing proud with its contorted branches, straining to find the light. This is what inspires Jane's work. She replicates the shapes, designs and emotions she feels, resulting in very tactile pieces of ceramic art - textured surfaces juxtaposing beautiful satin smooth, clean white finishes.

Each piece is individually decorated, using homemade glazes and unique texturing techniques.

In 2008, Jane graduated from the University of Westminster with a BA (Hons) degree in Ceramics, and has been working from her studio in Hertfordshire ever since.