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Love, Tamara

City: Nottingham
Region: East Midlands

Love, Tamara is a luxury home fragrance brand that celebrates female friendship, identity and character strengths.

Each scent is inspired by a special person or relationship cherished by Tamara. A meaningful message of gratitude and empowerment accompanies each candle, making them perfect gifts for friends and family, as well as a wonderful way to treat yourself.

Tamara uses a 100% natural blend of Coconut & Rapeseed wax and carefully creates her fragrances to reflect the personality type and strengths of the character who inspires it: The ENTHUSIAST is a bright and summery scent of citrus, almond and coconut, whereas the QUEEN is a strong and feminine combination of Rose and Oud.

I hope you remember how wonderful you are every time you light your candle. Love, T x