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reeves K ceramics

City: Exmouth
Region: South West

Kate’s work is unconventional, one off, bespoke, and fun handmade pottery. Quirky, passionate and diverse. She can create a personalised stoneware mug, bowl, or pottery vase to your taste for personalised ceramic gifts too.

Kate obtained her 3D Design degree in handmade Ceramics in 2006 but only recently in the last couple of years felt it was the right time to venture into the amazing creative world of handmade ceramics and pottery again.

Having moved to the city centre of Exeter, suddenly there were many more people, a buzzing, lively town. She took to sketching and this in turn developed into her ‘figurepot’ handmade pottery range or yum ceramics for example.

Things that intrigue Kate are the source of inspiration and her work is quite unique and diverse.