"Yoohoo I'm here" awards -art show international g

This product is made in South East
By artdorgallery

The ceramic sculpture "Yoo-hoo, I'm Here!" is an inspiring creation that depicts a figure dressed in a giraffe-like jumpsuit and peering out of faux grasses. The artwork expresses a range of themes, from the magical to the surreal, and raises the question of whether the figure is hiding or wanting to be seen. The artist's reflections on the struggles we face in life inspired the idea for this sculpture, which has won numerous awards, including 4th place in the 2020 Light Space and Time Competition and an award in the 10th Open Art Competition. You can explore more of the artist's whimsical and bizarre sculptures on their main ceramics page.This handmade Ceramic sculpture depicts a figure dressed in a giraffe-type jumpsuit peering out of Faux grasses.