City: Alton
Region: South East

ROSIMOROSI is a Hampshire based surface pattern design and illustration studio founded by Claire Morosi. Her work has been described as quirky, intricate and multi-layered. She uses her own method of digitally merging sketches, doodles, pattern and hand-drawn textures to achieve rich colour, interesting textures and depth. Artwork is playful and vibrant often featuring floral motifs, animals and birds together with abstract elements.

As well as a full range of high quality greetings cards, she produces printed aluminium jewellery - cuff bracelets, earrings and arc necklaces - under the ROSI label. Other products available are bookmarks, clocks, brooches and badges. Contact Claire for further details on her products & a catalogue/price list.

Currently on Faire, Creoate and Sparkinity.